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About Raquel

A proud Philadelphia native, I've loved singing and being on stage since I was a kid. Despite that, I spent all of my childhood and most of high school horseback riding (see photo below).

While I'd always loved theater, it wasn't until I was in a production of The Laramie Project in high school that I realized I needed to pursue acting professionally. I was deeply inspired by the impact powerful storytelling has on the actors, as well as the audiences and communities around them. I knew that I wanted to be apart of creating new types of conversations - to be in spaces that can help facilitate change and new ways of thinking. I have always found the most exciting and meaningful art to be art that pushes boundaries and challenges people's preconceived notions. 

After graduating high school I moved to NYC where I received my BFA in Acting with a minor in Musical Theater from Marymount Manhattan College. 

Since graduating in 2018, I have worked in theater and film both regionally and in New York. I've spent time exploring and volunteering in Guatemala and Nicaragua, I have traveled across the country hiking and camping through different national parks and survived a Global Pandemic! 

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