About Raquel

A proud Philadelphia native, Raquel has loved singing and being on stage since she was a kid. Despite this, she spent all of her childhood and most of high school horseback riding (see photo below).

However, after being a production of The Laramie Project her junior year of high school, Raquel recognized the impact storytelling has not just on her but on greater communities. She decided rather than pursuing the one-person sport of horseback riding, she wanted to be apart of communities creating conversations to facilitate change. She decided to pursue acting professionally. After high school, Raquel moved to NYC where she received her BFA in Acting and Minor in Musical Theater from Marymount Manhattan College.

Since graduating in 2018, Raquel has worked in theater and film both regionally and in New York. She has spent time exploring and volunteering in Guatemala and Nicaragua, has traveled across the country hiking different national parks and survived a Global Pandemic!